Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HSVROC 2006 - July 20 -23, 2006
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This year's HSVROC was dedicated to the memory of Art "Papa Cats" Leonard VROC #6.

Also much thanks to Linda and Mario DAmico who provided the sound barrier and restroom key for our evening gathering spot and did the free Friday hot dogs and stuff.

And big kudos to the Sublow family who ran this year's raffle.

Thursday thunderstorm cooled the hot temps. But it really poured.
The storm lasted a little over an hour and the parking lot was flooded with about an inch of standing water. But within two hours after the storm the parking lot was as dry as a bone again.

Waiting out the rain in front of the General Store

Voo Voo and Mac Guy

Casino Bar during the thunderstorm

Thursday night having a few cokes :-)

Barb 4E - Siegelaar - Cat

Gypsy Cat and Dave

Friday morning Slot's leads some 19 bikes up to Virginia City. The more interesting and direct route is not this year's choice as there is construction being done on one of the roads with an up to 30 minute delay.

Friday afternoon - Dunipace's and Roy Coxen arrive from Castro Valley

Friday afternoon is our welcome hot dogs which we pay for from the proceeds of the Raffle.

DAmico's sit. Chief and Vinny are too early for the hot dogs and beans.

Sherm looks for the problem on the Meanie as Scorpion looks on. Scorpion is late in arriving as he had to make bail.

Sandy and Voo Voo are the first to the hot dogs.

Phartz and Skid are eating up the Ball Park dogs and Bushes Baked Beans.

Mario cooks the hot dogs about a zillion of them. Good job Mario.

Linda in the background is off doing her stuff.

Homeless Sublow talks to Sandy Robinson while Sky tips a brew.

Jim Siegelaar and Bikerdad

The ladies are mugging for the camera.

Friday evening some of the group meets around the horseshoe pit to imbibe and bs.

Scorpion holds court.

The Oregon boys arrive and we go back to cooking up a few dozen more hot dogs!

Linda and Mario DAmico relax after a busy day of cooking. Thanks a lot you two.

Voo Voo telling some tall tales to Kimi Brink who rides her VStar from Fernley, NV.
Kimi and her SO Terry Winkleback led the Yosemite Ride on Saturday.

Leela A. and John Becker. Randy Winship and Jimbeau in the back.


Here is a pic of Kimi and Terry from Fernley, NV

Big A takes my picture

Saturday morning Rides have been decided on. No ride is more than 10 bikes. Slots leads a ride to Lake Tahoe. Terry Winkleblack leads a ride to Yosemite. A group rides to the "giggle road" Hwy 120 between Hwy 395 and Benton. A few decide to ride Ebbett's Pass. I lead the last ride to depart of 6 bikes on a 102 mile circle with a lunch stop at the Rhino Bar in Bridgeport, CA.

Saturday morning - Sue and Todd Skaggs getting ready for a Saturday Ride.

Linda "Homeless" Sublow presents Diana "Gypsy Cat"Hibbs with the top prize in the Saturday night Raffle.
The Sublows did a bang up job in getting Raffle prizes again this year. It took an hour to give out all of the prizes.

Early Sunday morning as Skid gets ready for his 3,000 mile journey home to Sudbury, Ontario.